ASC Productions Inc. is a productions house which promotes artists from diverse backgrounds in films, fashion, arts and culture through filmmaking, fashion weeks, fashion magazine and online TV channel. ASC Productions Inc. produces short films, documentaries, and feature films; organizes ASC Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week; publishes a monthly subscription of ASC Fashion Magazine, and own an online TV Channel ASC TV. ASC Productions Inc. brings together emerging designers to globally renowned designers and artists from around the world to showcase their talent, skills, and expertise. We provide business management solutions to the brands seeking exposure and recognition of their brands. The productions house produces short films/documentaries based on social awareness, comedies, thrillers and is involved in major international film projects. ASC Productions Inc. organizes and conducts ASC Fashion Week during New York Fashion Week each season for the past four years and is accredited among one of the major fashion shows and is a part of the official New York Fashion Week calendar. The productions house puts together a fashion show with a massive production covered by various international and local media houses. ASC Fashion Week brings on board local and international designers where they achieve global success and showcases their collections in the heart of the fashion city, New York. ASC Fashion Magazine is being published monthly featuring the work of fashion designers based in New York and renowned designers on an international level, nationwide and overseas models, fashion photographers, fashion bloggers, musicians, artists and articles on health and fitness. ASC TV Channel emphasizes various facets of fashion, culture, and arts both in Hollywood and Bollywood, and covers various events. The productions house excels in each project, with a vision to deliver an experience for all.


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"We are a diverse group of creatively inclined people who share a deep love for fashion, and a desire for change."

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